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Dr.  Sanjeev Mani

Dr. Sanjeev Mani

Specialist Mumbai , India

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Dr. Sanjeev Mani

Specialist Mumbai, India

Dr Sanjeev Mani 


  • Undergraduate: MBBS Oct 1990, Bombay University, India                      

Post Graduation:

  • MD (Radiology), Jan 2005, Bombay University, India

  • DMRE, Mar 1994, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Bombay, India

  • DNB (Radiology), June 1995, Diplomate of National Board, India

  • Diploma in Health Care & Administration, Chennai, 1997


Present Apppointments:


  •                       Consultant Radiologist & Head of Imaging Department

  •                       Bandra Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai since 2000


Previous Appointments:

  •                      Feb 1992 - Dec 1995      Resident in Radiology      T.N. Medical College & BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai

  •                      Jan 1995 - Nov 1995      Senior Registrar              T.N. Medical College & BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai

  •                      Nov 1995 - Apr 1996      Lecturer, Dept of Imaging T.N. Medical College & BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai

  •                      Apr 1996 - Aug 2000      Clinical Assistant             Bandra Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai

  •                      Aug 2000 -  to date       Consultant Radiologist      Bandra Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai


Radiology Experience:

I have worked for a period of three years in the capacity of Resident at BYL Nair Hospital, a 1000 bedded hospital, run by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Having completed by MD in the Bombay University, I worked for a few months as a senior registrar in the Department of Radiology at BYL Nair Hospital, and then in the capacity as Lecturer in the same department, for another 6 months. I then joined Bandra Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai in 1996 as a Clinical Assistant. Bandra Holy Family Hospital is one of the largest obstetric centres in the city of Mumbai and I have had the fortunate experience of having independently performed and interpreted various diagnostic procedures in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, including Ultrasonography, Color Doppler & CT Scanning.

I have also had the opportunity of performing interventional radiological procedures such as FNACs, Biopsies of Chest & Abdominal lesions, and diagnostic and therapeutic drainages of pleural and ascitic collections as well, as well as other courses,  undertaken


Articles Published:

1. Spleen Size in Health & Disease: a sonographic assessment. Sheth SG, Mani S, Tamhankar H, Mehta PJ. JAPI 1995; 43 (3): 182-4.

2. Sonographic Evaluation of Biliary Ascariasis. Mani S, Merchant H, Sachdev R, Rananavare R, Cunha N. Australasian Radiology 1997; 41: 113-115.

3. Sonographic Evaluation of Comon Bile Duct Stones: a prospective comparison with ERCP. Bombay Hospital Journal. (BHJ) 1996; 38 (2): 314-316.

4. Control of tubercular hemoptysis by bronchial artery embolization. Mani S, Mayekar R, Rananavare R, Maniar D, J Mathews Joseph, Doshi A. Tropical Doctor 1997; 27(9/96): 1-2.

5. Hydatid cyst of the spleen. Mani S. BHJ 1996; 38(2): 392-3.

6. Imaging Diagnosis: Gastroduodenal Artery Pseudoaneurysm secondary to acute pancreatitis. J Applied Medicine 1996;4: 238-359.

7. Ultrasonic evaluation of portosystemic collateral circulation in portal hypertension. Sheth SG, Amarapurkar DN, Chopra KB, Mani SA, Mehta PJ. JAPI 1995; 44(8): 537-9.

8. Adult duodenal web (case report). Mani S, Maniar A, Rananavare R. Australasian Radiology 1998; 42: 72-73.

9. Angiographic demonstration of NSAID-induced bleeding ulcer. Mani S, Sachdev R, Mayekar R, Deshmukh H, Rananavare R. The Indian Practitioner 1996; 49(11): 938-40.

10. Bilateral giant adrenal pseudocysts. Mani S, Joshi A, Rananavare R. Ultrasound International 1996;3: 157-159.

11. Duodenal Tuberculosis. Mani S, Rananavare R. European J of Radiology 1996; 23: 102-103.

12. Tuberculosis and Addison's disease: the role of CT in diagnosis and follow up. Mani S, Cunha N, Sachdev R, Sheth S. The Indian Practitioner 1997; 50 (2): 170-172.

13. Ultrasonographic detection of biliary ascariasis (case report). Mani S, Sachdev R, Cunha N, Merchant H, Ravavare R. BHJ 1995; 35(4) 879-880.

14. Tuberous Sclerosis (Review). Mani S, Sortur A, Vaidya G. BHJ 1994; 36(1): 201-4.

15. Holoprosencephaly (Case report). Mani S, Sortur A, Shah N, Merchant H. BHJ 1994; 36(3): 256-258.

16. Imaging Diagnosis (Intra biliary rupture of hepatic echinococcal cyst). Merchant H, Mani S, Gheyi V, Rananavare R. J Applied Medicine 1995; 21(12): 989-990.

17. Weismann-Nutter-Stuhl Syndrome. Gheyi V, Mani S, Merchant H, Mayekar R, Cunha N, Rananavare R. BHJ 1995; 37(4): 872-873.

18. Ultrasonographic detection of biliary ascariasis (case report). Mani S, Sachdev R, Merchant H, Cunha N, Rananavare R. BHJ 1995; 37(4):879-880.

19. Imaging Diagnosis: Bilateral adrenal tuberculosis. Mani S. J Applied Medicine 1996; 7: 614.

20. Sonographic analysis of the prevalence of cholelithiasis in cirrhosis due to chronic alcohol abuse in males. Mani S, Rananavare R. BHJ 1996; 38(1): 105-106.

21. CHAPTER: Transvaginal sonography versus transrectal sonography in postmenopausal women. Sachdev R, Mani S, Merchant H, Rananavare R. Chp 48 380-387, in Endosonography in Obstetrics & Gynaecology by Dr Gautam Allahbadia.

23. Imaging Diagnosis. Catheter drainage of amoebic liver abscesses. Mani S, Mayekar R. J Applied Medicine 1996; Sep: 805-806.

24. Letter to the Editor: Embolization of gluteal artery aneurysm. IJRI 1997.

Papers Presented

1. CT Scanning in Tuberculosis of the adrenal glands. Cunha N, Sachdev R, Mani S. AICR 1995, Mumbai

2. Post sphincterotomy Ascaris migration into the biliary tract. Merchant H, Mani S, Rananavare R, Sachdev S. AICR 1995, Bangalore, India

3. A simple investigative model for non-cirrhotic portal hypertension. Sheth S, Amarapurkar D, Deo A, Mani S, Chopra K, Bichile S, Mehta PJ. Indian Association for the study of liver, Cuttack 1995, India.

4. Evaluation of portal and splenic vein sizes: correlation with oesophagal varices and aetiology of portal hypertension. Sheth S, Amarapurkar D, Chopra K, Mani S, Mehta PJ. Cuttack 1995, India

5. Peritoneal Hydatidosis (Poster Presentation). Mani S, Andrade M. 60th Annual IRIA Meet, Mumbai 2007.

Teaching Experience, Management & Administration

I have been actively involved in the teaching of medical undergraduate and postgraduate students in Radiology. This has included formal instructions and clinical teachings to students, junior medical colleagues, and also para clinical personnel.

I have been appointed Head of Imaging of the Bandra Holy Family Hospital since June 2004, and have been actively involved in the day-to-day running of the department ever since. I have been Co-ordinator for the Department of Imaging at Bandra Holy Family Hospital for ISO Certification (ISO 9001:2000), and this ISO status has been maintained by the department since 2005.

I am Director & CEO of IndianRadiologist.com, India's largest Radiology portal, that was established in 1999

  Associate Editor of Indian J of Radiol, the official publication of the Indian Radiological & Imaging Association. (www.ijri.org) from 2006-2015.

Chief Editor of RadBuzz, India’s first print magazine that has been launched in 2019.

Creator of YouTube Channel IndianRadiologist (2018) that has more than 125 teaching videos and 2500+ subscribers

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